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Dig for Devonport creates edible urban landscapes through working with local people in residential settings. This involves planting, growing and harvesting useful food plants instead of just ornamental planting. People often think of an allotment or vegetable patch when they think of growing food. However, Dig for Devonport creates attractive looking edible gardens in the streets and other unexpected places! Dig for Devonport emerged in 2008 out of an initiative by Devonport Regeneration Community Partnership. Since then, supported by Routeways, it has worked with a growing number voluntary and community groups, housing associations, schools, the local children’s centre and many individuals.

Dig for Devonport constantly seeks opportunities and resourcing to continue its work with local communities. It has a knack around finding potential growing areas to plant food for the future as well as sharing the skills needed to care for these special places. Dig for Devonport’s flagship event is the annual All Ways Apples festival, which it coordinates.

Edible landscapes include plants which provide tasty, fresh, healthy, accessible local food rather than merely ornamental planting which might look attractive but do not provide an edible yield or particular health and educational benefits. The edible landscape approach enables people who do not have space for a vegetable plot or an allotment to find novel ways of growing tasty fruit and vegetables in whatever urban settings are available to them. This typically includes edible planting in window boxes, containers on balconies, raised beds in the street or communal areas planted up in original, thoughtful and inspiring ways. Edible landscapes often combine fruit and nut trees, berry bushes, perennial plants including herbs, edible flowers, vegetables and ornamental plants. Edible landscapes thus combine beauty with practicality. The result is pleasing, productive and sustainable designs which enhance the quality of life for people and wildlife. The image of the area and the self-esteem of residents are improved through such schemes, along with many other direct and indirect benefits.

Dig for Devonport is coordinated by Tess Wilmot who is an independent Permaculture designer.

For more information please contact Tess on 07531 506 481 or email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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